S.O.S. Systems Company Profile

SOS SYSTEMS provides Small, Medium and Large Enterprise customers, Access to solutions in all areas of information and communication technology Computer/Server Infrastructure, Telecom, Cabling and Fiber optics, DC Power-plants, Satellite, Project Management, Consulting and Technical Services. We have established solutions that take full advantage of the recent explosion in functionality of information and communication technologies. Our company represents a pragmatic convergence of various existing and emerging technologies, offering viable infrastructure support based out of Winnipeg, Manitoba for the past seventeen plus years.

The complete list of our offerings as a unique solution is different from any other offering in the market place today. Our branding and mission statement says, "AT SOS Nothing is impossible that as a vendor independent company, our cultural values revolve around solutions that are in fact in our customers' best interest. We validate our clients' needs and provide objective innovative solutions. We validate the suppliers' inventory quality for price and functionality and deliver the product or service to the client. We are your Value Added Reseller, but you don't pay for the extra value because we have none of the trappings of the average middleman.... We have retail storefront and inventory of basic items to get you out of that pinch when we can. We deliver innovation, excellent service and fair prices.....which translate into benefits for our clients! Our products and services provide our customers with IT resources that rivals that of "Big Business". We understand your need for results.....investments are based on returns.

We appreciate that you see technology as the key to providing the "competitive edge" but that you are unsure of how to successfully implement the strategies. And we have seen time and time again that our customers are being forced to adopt technology that large business dictates and in many cases can rework existing info structure with a new plan. AT SOS Systems we can provide, support, customized plans and financing so you can acquire, implement and afford the right technology for your growing enterprise.